JUnit Flux Eclipse plugin

Last week during the Xebia Knowledge Exchange I discovered a very useful Eclipse Plugin called junitflux.

JUnit Flux Eclipse plugin (junitflux) runs JUnit tests every time you save a file. After saving a file containing a Java class, the plugin searches for the corresponding test class by adding the word ‘Test” as a prefix or suffix of class name. Once the code change is made, the unit test result will immediately blow up in the screen.

During the code retreat session, I installed the JUnit Flux Eclipse plugin in order to have quick feedback while coding. It works pretty well! Since feedback is an essential element in Agile Development, junitflux turns out to be very useful.

junitflux can be installed using Eclipse “Install New Software…” feature. To activate the plugin right-click your project and chose “Add JUnit Flux Nature” option. For more information visit the junitflux project page.


About Diego Lemos

Polyglot programmer; agile & software craftsmanship enthusiast.
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3 Responses to JUnit Flux Eclipse plugin

  1. Hi, thanks for youre feedback :). You can also use MoreUnit http://moreunit.sourceforge.net/ which is really helpfull to check test coverage, refactor your unit test when refactoring the tests and generate the test method or class using youre favorite mocking framework.

  2. Awesome! I got it working. Note that ‘Build Automatically’ must be enabled. This feature should be default in Eclipse.

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