About Me

Diego LEMOS - Profile Picture - JUGI’m Diego Lemos de Resende, author of this blog.

I began my studies in Computer Science at Universidade Federal de Uberlândia, Brazil, in 2004.  Later on, I moved to France where I obtained a master’s degree at Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon.

I’ve worked for startups, software houses, consultancy companies and investment banks in Brazil, France and the United Kingdom, mainly as software engineer, technical leader, sysadmin, and scrum master. Recently, I’ve been working as senior developer and technical coach, providing expertise on topics like TDD, BDD, Clean Code, Software Design, (how to deal with) Technical Debt and Continuous Delivery.

Furthermore, I strongly believe in Agile principles and I’m a big fan of Extreme Programming. I signed the Software Craftsmanship manifesto and I’m engaged in pushing for more quality in software development in general.

Currently I live in London. As a hobby, I like snowboarding and I spend at least one week on snow every year. I also like to travel around the world discovering new places, cultures, and new people. Last but not least, I love wine and its complexity. It’s always a great pleasure when I have a good bottle of wine, a good meal to go with it and, to make the moment perfect, to do so in the company of family and friends.

Every opinion in this blog is strictly personal.