Pipelines Done Right @ Concourse London User Group

On 31 January 2019 Derik and I gave our talk about Continuous Delivery best practices using Concourse at the Concourse London User Group. It was quite cool.

We’ve given this talk a couple of times and to comfortably live code the whole pipeline and talk about everything we believe it’s important, we need on average 1h30. Although, the organisers did challenge us to give the talk in 30 minutes and… challenge accepted! Overall I think we did a decent job, except that we used some code snipets instead of coding the whole thing and, for some misterious reason, our pipeline went red. In the end we just retriggered it and it went green again 😳

It was my first time talking at Concourse London User Group and I enjoyed it. A big shout to the organisers and participants 🙌